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Increase your property’s value, security, and privacy with a custom-designed and custom-made fence system by Lifescaping Fence!

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From keeping your pets inside your property to keeping unwanted visitors out, fencing helps protect your family and loved ones while giving your home an aesthetic finish and boosting its curb appeal. Fencing systems can come in various forms, serve multiple purposes, and have different price tags, so you must find one that best suits your needs, goals, and budget.

Don’t settle for just any fencing system; choose the one most effective for your location, climate, and plans. A trusted Sacramento fence company such as Lifescaping Fence can help you out. Having been in the fence industry for a long time, we know how important it is to handle our client’s projects from start to finish. This is why we ensure we work closely with you throughout the fence-making process. We’ve covered you, from our free initial fencing consultation to installation!

Lifescaping Fence has many residential and commercial fencing options, such as wood, vinyl, chain links, etc. Lifescaping Fence is here for you and is excited to deliver our brand of excellent fencing service to you!

Services We Offer

Wood Fence

Wood fences are among the most popular fencing choices for residential areas here in Sacramento.

Vinyl Fence

Safety, security, durability, design. These are what most Sacramento residents really look for in fencing systems.

Aluminum Fence

Give your home the privacy, and aesthetic appeal that it deserves with custom aluminum fence by Lifescaping Fence!

Privacy Fence

Give your property privacy and security it needs while giving it fresh & finished look with a privacy fence by Lifescaping Fence.

Fence Installation

When it comes to having a high-quality fence system in & around your property, top three factors you need to consider.

Fence Repairs

So you’ve got highly effective fence, that’s awesome! The challenge is to make sure your fence stays that way for a long time.

Choosing the Perfect Fence For Your Needs

Lifescaping Fence is not just about delivering fencing systems that look nice; we want to ensure they’re perfect for the clients who order them. So before we recommend, design, fabricate, or install any fence for you, we ensure we get some essential details first.

For one thing, we think it’s best to see the property or space you want to fence, and we do this through an on-site visit. This allows us to provide more accurate price quotes, more informed professional recommendations, and a better estimate of the completion time for your fencing project.

For example, are you looking for something that serves as a barrier or perimeter for your property? Our fencing options are ready for you to peruse. If, however, you’re looking for something more door-like that can help control the entry and exit of people to and from your property, Lifescaping Fence also has gate system options for you.

By clearly understanding your goals, taste, location, deadline, and budget, we at Lifescaping Fence are more equipped to provide you with the design, fabrication, and installation services that best suit and meet your home or business’s needs.

Popular Fencing Materials

Lifescaping Fence has successfully handled fencing projects for many Sacramento residents and business owners. Over the years, we’ve learned that the success of a fencing system doesn’t just depend on the quality of the design and installation. It also depends on the quality of the materials used during production.

Each fence-building material has its own set of pros and cons. They vary in aesthetics, durability, weight, accessibility, cost, maintenance, and many other factors. You must get suitable materials to get the ideal fence for your property.

Here at Lifescaping Fence, we have a wide selection of fencing materials you can choose from, so no matter which type of fence you prefer, you can access high-quality materials and high-quality service. Our fencing materials are redwood, vinyl, aluminum, ecotone, and iron.

If you think that’s not a lot of options, we’re not done yet. Our materials are available in various colors, styles, textures, and designs. From vinyl-covered chain link fences for commercial properties to eco stones that give off a realistic stone appearance for homes, Lifescaping Fence has what you need.

As a full-service fencing company, we ensure our fencing materials are in stock and accessible. This makes it easy for us to promptly attend to our clients’ fence maintenance and repair needs. Our fence experts are ready to help you by answering any questions or concerns about the materials, the pros and cons that come with them, and whether or not they’re the best solution for your fencing needs.

We look forward to being your fence company!

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Professional Fence Installation Company

Getting your property an attractive fence is a great idea, but it’s not enough. You also need to consider its finishing and installation quality. Here at Lifescaping Fence, our goal is to give you a fence that looks great, as well as one that stays that way for a long time. One that can stand the Sacramento weather.

When it comes to fence finishing, Lifescaping Fence shows that the materials, methods, and technology we use are effective and reliable. Our team is also ready with the experience, expertise, and equipment to carry out careful and efficient fence installations to ensure maximum security for your property.

Lifescaping Fence has been in the fencing industry for more than three decades, and over the years, we’ve mastered the art and science of professional fence installation. From property lines to drainage to local guidelines, we have the knowledge, experience, and keen attention to detail to give you the perfect fence system.

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We at Lifescaping Fence are proud of our work and services. We are passionate about excellent quality and affordable options for every Sacramento home and business fencing needs. Our talented fence experts are excited to work closely with you and provide you with excellent quality fence systems made with superior materials and meticulously crafted.

Whether you want to add value to your property, keep it secure, protect it from intruders, or give it a new look, Lifescaping Fence is here to meet your fencing and gate system needs!

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