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Wood Fence

Wood fences are among the most popular fencing choices for residential areas here in Sacramento.

decorative redwood privacy fence

They not only serve as a perimeter for your property, keep your family and loved ones safe from unwelcome elements, and give your home some privacy, a high-quality wood fencing system can actually increase the value of your property. With its natural and classic aesthetic, wood fences adds beauty to your exterior and value to your curb appeal.

We at Lifescaping Fence are committed to giving our clients wood fences of the best design and quality. We want to give you a fencing system that looks good and stays that way for a long time. Wood fences are known to have some issues with durability as they are subject to damage from termites, rot, and harsh weather conditions. We make sure that the fences we deliver are made from superior quality and pressure-treated wood, handled with meticulous craftsmanship, and installed securely by our team of professional fencing experts.

Lifescaping Fence sees to it that you get wood fences designed, fabricated, and installed to best suit your needs, taste, property, deadline, and yes, your budget too. Whether it’s a picket fence for your home, a rail fence for your land, a privacy fence for your backyard, or a custom-crafted wood fence of your choice, we’re ready to create it for you in the best quality and for the best price.

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Wood Fencing Options

Having been a full-service fence company here in Sacramento for quite some time now, Lifescaping Fence knows that not all properties have the same fence needs, they don’t all share the same taste, and they don’t all allot the same budget for their fence system. We totally understand this. In fact, our experience in this aspect of the fencing industry is why we offer a wide selection of wood fencing options to every client.

Solid Board Privacy Fences

tall wood privacy fenceIf your priority is safety, security, and peace for your property, then a privacy fence may be the perfect one for you.

Privacy fences effectively keep unwelcome attention and commotion out while keeping your family and loved ones safe inside. We can make them to the height you prefer but they are usually built at around six to eight feet tall.

The most common style is the solid board fence, with all boards attached to one side, one next to the other. While many homeowners choose this style, there are many options for updating your privacy fence to improve the aesthetic appeal. We can create reverse solid board fences that have alternating panels. This is more common for neighbors who are sharing the expense of the fence.

Board-on-Board Privacy Fences

custom wood privacy fence

A popular choice for privacy fence clients is our board-on-board fence. Its construction style involves creating a pattern that overlaps around one inch on each side, which allows it to provide maximum privacy for your home, and an attractive finish from both sides of the fence. Despite its very utilitarian features, our board-on-board fences are also quite attractive and can even be made with heavy-duty lattice for a more finished look.

We can also accomplish a shadow box effect, where vertical privacy boards are attached similar to the board on board fence, but on opposite sides of the support rails. This creates a unique effect, is more resistant to wind damage, and provides an attractive finish from any angle.

Dog-Ear Privacy Fences

Wood privacy fence with dog ear finishing

If you prefer a traditional solid board style, but want to improve the appearance, we can create attractive wood privacy dog-ear fences. With clipped top corners, these fences give a pleasing dog-ear appearance and finish that is both attractive and polished.

Shadowbox fences and board-on-board fences can also be finished with a variety of styles, including dog-ear, lattice or other fence styles integrated for a dual look, or we can create a custom fence to perfectly suit your needs and desires.

Wood Gates

decorative wood gate with pergola and trellis

A fence is only as good as it’s gate. Attractive, cohesive, and durable wood gates by Lifescaping Fence can be the perfect finishing touch to your fence system.

We are passionate about delivering gates that are not only sturdy and long-lasting, we also have them beautifully complement your property. From natural and rustic, carved and intricate, Lifescaping Fence is ready to custom-craft the perfect gate for you.

We also provide a vast selection of locks, latches, and hinges to meet all your gate system needs.

Custom Wood Fences

Are you looking for a wooden fence that’s uniquely you? Chances are, you won’t find it on a website or a catalog. But you don’t have to worry.

dual height privacy fence in redwood

As a full-service fence company, Lifescaping Fence specializes in crafting custom wood fences for our clients. Each one is made with their specific needs, taste, expectations, location, deadline, and budget in mind.

Having been in the Sacramento fence industry for a long time, we know just how important high-quality materials are to every client. This is why we make sure that we use the best wood we can find in the market. We make sure that the materials we use to craft your fence can stand against the heat, sun, and rain here in Sacramento. From pressure-treated kickboards and posts, to galvanized steel parts and accessories, Lifescaping Fence is ready to deliver custom wood fences that look great and stay that way for a long time.

No matter what type of wood fence you’re looking for—tall, short, picket, shadowbox, louvered, dog-eared, solid board, or something custom-crafted just for you.—Lifescaping Fence is here to make it happen.

Full-Service Wood Fence Company

We at Lifescaping Fence are proud of the quality of our products and services. We believe our finishing and installation processes play a huge role in this. Not only are we equipped with the most efficient processes, the latest technology, and the most experienced fence specialists, we are also experts in communicating and coordinating with every client to ensure that they get the product they deserve.

reverse pattern wood solid board privacy fence

Our process starts with a free fence estimate and consultation. We sit down with you and discuss your fencing needs, expectations, taste, ideas, and even limitations. Often, we do an on-site visit so that we know exactly what we need to work on and work with. Once we get a clear understanding of what you want in a wood fence, we can then make practical recommendations about the fence style, elements, and accessories available to you. When you’ve made a decision, we get to work.

When your wood fence is good to go and has passed stringent quality checks, we then head over to your property and do the final installation. Of course, prior to that, you may need some help with fencing permits or local/state fencing laws. We are known for our excellent start-to-finish service, and this includes providing you with support, guidance, and assistance about applicable Sacramento guidelines and requirements so that the entire process goes as smoothly as possible.

With over 30 years of professional fence installation experience, Lifescaping Fence is all about giving our clients the best wood fences and the best customer support possible. We look forward to working with you soon!

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Wood Fence lifescaping logo 1 300x105Whether you’re going for rustic, intricate, or vintage appeal, wooden fences by Lifescaping Fence can do wonders for your home. They offer safety, security, privacy, and they even increase the curb appeal of your property. Give your property an immediate boost in curb appeal and value by partnering with a reliable local fencing system provider- partner with Lifescaping Fence.

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